Harmony Rethymno Beach Hotel
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Crete, Greece
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COVID-19 Announcement

Dear Guests,

Considering the impact and changes caused by the virus SARS-CoV – 2 (COVID-19), we want to ensure you that we are focused as a top priority, on our duty to protect the health of our guests, team members, business partners, as well as the public health.

In response to this, we have implemented our existing health and safety processes and developed new ones, according to the Greek National Public Health Organization (NPHO), World Health Organization (WHO) as well as European and National legal requirements and protocols.

Please be informed that we are following all the instructions regarding disinfection and hygiene of our hotel and we have obtained the special sign of the Greek authorities, which certifies the procedures.

Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of all the key measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19, already implemented to our hotel.

Our measures include:

• Management team for medical action plan.

• Co-operation with medical center, close to the hotel.

• Recorded personal files with contact details per guest (for medical use and public health protection purposes only)

• Social distances of at least 1.5 m must be maintained by customers and employees.

• Cleaning and sanitization of guest rooms and common areas.

• Frequent disinfection of contact points, such as door handles, chairs and tables, WCs etc.

• Antibacterial hand sanitizers placed in common areas, such as Lobby, Restaurant and Bars.

• Laser thermometer available at the front desk in order to conduct temperature checks.

• All our staff have received thorough training on our enhanced protocols, in addition to training on identifying any flu or virus-like symptoms and following a firm procedure on reporting to our Health Officer.


• Visitors will have to keep 1.5 m between each other (except families or friends accommodated in the same room).

• Markings have been placed on the floor to define safe distances for queuing.

• Seating in all waiting areas has been re-arranged to allow safe minimum distances. However, families or couples do not have to keep this distance.

• Upon arrival, you’re advised to ask for our policy, in case of health incident and about medical facilities in the area.


• Check-in and check-out times have been changed to 11 a.m. for check-out and 3 p.m. for check-in, to ensure that each room is thoroughly disinfected and adequately ventilated between stays.

• A “Disinfected” sticker on the room’s main door after departure service, will indicate that you’re the first who enters your room, after disinfection.

• We strongly recommend electronic registration in advance (through our new app) in order to minimize waiting time in the reception.

• Cashless payments.

• Disinfection of key cards

• Provision of hand sanitizer.

• Regular disinfection of the reception surfaces.


• Housekeeping services will not be provided during your stay unless requested. Should you wish your room to be cleaned please fill in a formal request at the Reception, or send us an email at till 15:00 the previous day (room number & “make up my room” message). In case of too many requests the day of your choice, priority will have to be given.

• Turn down service is prohibited.

• Should you wish fresh sheets or towels, please put the used ones in the green bins placed around the hotel and fresh linen will be always available at the Reception desk.

• Should you wish beach towels please contact the Reception desk (deposit is required).

• Please be informed that you must not be present while cleaning is in progress, in order to avoid crowding.

• Decorative pillows &covers, stationary and tea & coffee facilities, have been removed from all rooms according regulation.

• Trash bins for your convenience, can be found all over the hotel premises.

• Commonly used multi-purpose items such as menus, magazines etc. have been removed

• Disposable covers are placed on TV, A/C remote controls and toilet glasses.

• The housekeeping staff uses simple surgical masks, gloves and disposable waterproof robes.

• Housekeeping services are being strengthened in all public areas, especially in “high risk” facilities.

• Thorough cleaning and good room ventilation is applied during the period between stays.

• Once the Personal Protective Equipment has been removed and disposed of in a closed bin, hands are thoroughly washed with soap and water.


• Buffet is going to be available with enhanced hygiene measures and in order to avoid crowding our staff will assist you in serving, according regulations.

• Table distancing.

• The maximum number of customers allowed in the restaurant is defined by the ratio of 1 customer per 2 sq.m. of total usable operating space.

• The maximum number of seated people at a table is six (6). There is no limit for families with children.

• Commonly used multi-purpose items have been removed from tables.

• Disinfection of tables, counters, surfaces etc. after each use and regular airing of the outlets.

• Enhanced staff safety and well-being with personal protective equipment according regulations

• Hand sanitizers available next to the buffets.

• Room service is not available.

• We strongly recommend the children to be served by their parents.

• All kitchen staff are required to strictly adhere to HACCP rules.

• Supplies are received by a specific member of staff who is always required to wear the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.

• Kitchen staff are required to keep distances according to the guidelines set by the health authorities.

• Unauthorized personnel is prohibited from entering the kitchen.

• The proper operation of dishwashers and washing machines in terms of the temperature used and the dosage of detergents, is regularly monitored.


• Sun beds will be arranged with a 1.5 – 2metre distance.

• Guests should observe social distancing measures when using the hotel pool.

• 2 sunbeds maximum per umbrella, (families excluded) according regulations

• Personal hygiene before entering the pool is mandatory.

• Sunbeds will be disinfected each day.

• Pool water will be treated with appropriate disinfection products and as per extensive company procedures for water management.


• Hotel’s rooms are for pre-arranged use only.

• No visitors are permitted.


• Please note that all the measures are subject to change.

• We will be regularly updating this info as necessary, however measures not listed here may be implemented if this is deemed necessary.

On behalf of Harmony Rethymno Beach Hotel team, we would like to thank you for your continued loyalty and trust during these uncertain times. Our commitment and responsibility towards you has never been stronger

For any other information you may need, please contact our reception desk.

Stay safe and enjoy your well-deserved holiday!

With our warmest wishes,

Harmony Rethymno Beach Hotel Management

*All the above may change in accordance to further or new guidelines received by Greek Authorities.

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